» Forget (Tao)

*Warning! Some topics mentioned may be too mature for younger audiences.*

You sat at home admiring the diamond ring that glittered beautifully on your ring finger. Was this real life? You squealed and hopped up and down on the couch when you heard the door open. You quickly rushed over and greeted your husband of one week, you were excited for your honeymoon. You hadn’t had a chance to go because of his schedule.

"Yeobo~" You smiled. Tao smiled back and kissed you on your forehead. "How was your day?" You ask as you take his coat from him. 

"Good~ How was yours?" 

"Excellent! I’ve been waiting for you all day, I can’t wait to go tomorrow!" You pout. Tao laughs and takes his phone out. 

I’d like to invite you and your new wife for dinner before you leave for your honeymoon.

Tao let out a frustrated sigh and glanced over at you, you were preparing to start dinner. 

"Jagiya… My ex-wife wants to invite us out for dinner."

"Your what?" You say in shock.

"My ex-wife." 

"Oh… Sure." You smile and go to the bedroom to get ready. You bite your lip as you think to yourself. He was married before me? Tao quietly enters the bedroom and sees your fretting over silly things. 

"You don’t need to be so stressed… She’s an ex-wife for a reason." 

"I know… But why didn’t you ever tell me? I feel cheated." You say as you shuffle to the living room, all dolled up. 

"I’m sorry… We were young and we rushed into things. I only love you, I promise." You smile, a bit reassured and hold Tao’s hand as you both leave to go to the restaurant.

"Tao~!" She chimes. You instantly feel uneasy as you approach the table where Tao’s ex-wife was sitting oh-so elegantly. She stands up and hugs Tao. You stand behind him and peek over at her. She was a real beauty. You licked your lips and took a seat as you were ignored by her. "Ah… So this is her." She finally acknowledges you. 

"Oh… Hello unnie." You smile brightly, even if she made you feel insignificant, Tao still seemed to care about her as a friend, so you felt it was necessary to be nice to her.

"Oh! You’re younger than me? Ah~ Now I see why you left me, Tao! You’re bored of old ladies, you only want someone younger than you." You could feel the hurtful intentions in her words and you turned your attention back towards the menu. 

"That’s not why I left you, don’t be so ridiculous!" Tao scoffs. "My jagiya is a very lovable person! Aren’t you?" You nod and set the menu down. 

"I need to go to the restroom… Tao, you can order for me." His ex-wife glances over and stands up as well.

"I need to go too, would you mind doing the same for me?" Tao nods and shoos you two away. 

You enter the restroom and Tao’s ex-wife follows. You stand in front of the mirror and try to blot the tears in your eyes. 

"Tch. You’re pathetic. How could he leave me for you? It’s ridiculous." You try your best to ignore her, but her words easily affect you. "You’re a little girl, you don’t even look like a woman. What could Tao possibly see in you? Look at me when I am talking to you." She shouts angrily. You, afraid of what could happen if you didn’t follow her orders, looked over at her, your light makeup slightly running down your cheeks. "By the looks of your cute little face, you’re a virgin. No? When Tao gets what he wants, he’ll leave you. It’s too bad… If only you knew how to please a man, then maybe he’d keep you around as long as he kept me.”

"Shut up…" You mutter angrily. Without another word, she slaps you. The sound echoed off the walls in the restroom. You stood motionless for a few seconds before dashing out of the restroom. You run past Tao and he glances back, confused. His ex-wife calmly exits and sits down at the table.

"What happened?" Tao asked, standing up in anxiously.

"I would hate to be the one to tell you, but she told me she’s cheating on you." Tao looked at her skeptically and then grabbed his coat to chase after you. He ran outside and looked around frantically. 

"Yah! Huang ______! Where are you?" He glances around as he runs around like a madman, still searching.

You sat down in a dark alley to quietly cry to yourself. Your quiet sniffles were drowned out by the heavy night traffic and night goers. You wiped your tears, smudging your originally precise eyeliner. It burned as it went into your eyes but your eyes were already numb from crying. Everything was suddenly eerily quiet and you looked up. A dark figure was walking in your direction. You stood up slowly and tried to walk past him. He reached out and grabbed your arm, slamming you against a brick wall. You wince in pain and close your eyes. 

"Let go…"

"Why would I do that? You’re a cute little girl." You smelled the alcohol from his breath and your wrinkled your nose.

"You’re hurting me!" You scream, as if that would help. 

"Do I look like I care? Come on~ Let’s just have some fun." He pushes you into a room, onto a old couch and starts to kiss your neck. You squirm and kick violently but it’s no use. You start to cry more. At this point, you were convinced Tao wasn’t coming after you.

Tao’s breath was heavy as he ran into the alley where you were and opened the door where you were. The room was now dimly lit, you glance over the stranger’s shoulder and saw Tao standing at the doorway. He took a deep breath and stepped closer. The man who was on top of you looked up and saw Tao. He pulled out of you and you winced in disgust. You grabbed your dress and quickly slipped it on. 

"Who’re you?" The man asked angrily, balling his fists, prepared to punch Tao.

"I’m her husband and you’re going to regret what you did." Tao smirked and kicked the man in the jaw. He tumbled backwards and didn’t move. Tao flicked his hair aside and directed his attention to you. "Jagiya! Are you alright?" He gently held your face and stared into your scared eyes. "What happened… Wait, no I know what happened… I’m sorry I didn’t find you sooner." He hugged you tightly and you could feel his warm tears on your skin. "I’m sorry…" You wrapped your arm around Tao tightly and cried. 

"I feel dirty, he took something I wanted to give you… I was scared. I thought you weren’t coming for me and I—" Tao let go and looked at you with a weak smile.

"Shh, shh… It’s okay, I’m here don’t cry anymore."

"It’s not okay though, he—" You shook your head and stopped yourself. 

"Don’t cry… Come on let’s go home." Tao picks you up and your bury your face in the crook of his neck, still quietly sobbing.

Tao gently sets you in the car and closes the door before going to his side.

"Please stop crying… It makes me feel incompetent, I couldn’t find you in time. Please don’t cry anymore."

You go home and Tao carries you in again. You rush to the shower and wash yourself. You felt dirty. You just wanted to clean yourself. You came out of the restroom and saw Tao sitting on the bed, waiting for you. You smile weakly and wander over to his outstretched arms. You sit in his lap and rest your head on his shoulder. He gently rocks you back and forth, humming softly. 

"Feeling better?" You nod and close your eyes. Tao lies you down and crawls over to his side of the bed. He tucks your wet hair behind your ear and you smile. 

"I still feel dirty, I hate myself for not fighting back harder." 

"I don’t have to be your first, as long as I’m your last. Let me make you forget." 


My titles suck… xD I need to work on that… I used to have decent titles… IDEK what is happening… xD Sorry for writing this so late!! I hope you like it and I hope it’s what you requested… ^^;; I didn’t want to be graphic… but if she’s an evil ex-wife, I figured she would mention virginity, sex and all that stuff… First attempt at a not-really-smut-but-kind-of-smut scenairo. IDEK I need to stop while I’m ahead. xD airhg;aerhioahrg I got really into this story though… I usually don’t use the read more thing but OMG I need to stop. xD

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